Friday, April 26, 2013

Back In Business

Well, it's been awhile since I have been posting on here (almost a month and a half).  This is mostly due to traveling, then hosting a visitor, and then the last couple weeks of my husband's semester.  I'm back, though, and pretty excited about it.

I haven't been totally slacking, though!  While I was gone, I have contributed two posts to the Preggie Pals blog.  I contribute monthly over there on the topic of pregnancy and childbirth.  Here are links:

4 Secrets to Cloth Diaper Success.
Disappointed With Your Birth Story?  It's Okay!

The first is for pregnant mamas who are considering cloth diapering for their baby.  It offers a few things to consider to help them avoid issues that might discourage them from sticking with it.

The second touches briefly on my son's birth story.  It is an attempt to free women to feel and express any negative feelings they might have about their labor and delivery.  Feeling disappointment in your experience is not selfish or ungrateful... it's a fact of life.  Even if you have a "healthy mama, healthy baby" outcome.

Anyway, I am very excited with ideas for the blog starting next week.  I'm going to update you on our spring cleaning and embark on a few projects this summer.  Thanks for reading!

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