Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Blog Series: Primped to the Teeth

This is where I disclose my Achilles' heel.  From high school to now, I have never felt comfortable navigating the world of beauty and fashion.

Did I say "never felt comfortable?"  I meant, "never entered without slight terror."  This is especially true when it comes to make-up and clothing that is shiny for any reason.

I don't think there is anything wrong with sailing through life with no make-up and sweatpants if that's what you're comfortable in.  I should also point out that I don't think "no make-up" and "sweatpants" automatically go hand in hand.  I have nothing but love for both.

However, I think there is a difference between adopting a certain style because you're most comfortable in it and adopting that style because you feel scared or ill-equipped to do anything else.  My experience is a mixture of the two.  Most of the time I am totally confident in my go-to outfits, but on the off-chance I feel like gussying it up, I hesitate because I don't really know how (and I don't have the necessary tools).

That ends today.

At least, the journey to that end begins today.  I am declaring it on the internet, and here is the proof:

Photo of "Long Wrap Olive Green Necklace" from Lisa Leonard Designs

That, my friend, is a necklace.  A necklace is a type of accessory that is worn around the neck and contributes to an overall "put together" appearance of an outfit.  Don't worry, I've done my research.

This necklace was a gift from my mother.  She asked what I wanted for Easter, and I told her I wanted this fair-trade necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs.  This purchase was my first step to a better-accessorized, more beauty-conscious me.  I love this necklace for it's beauty and function, but also for what it represents:  a promise to work on building my confidence in an area that has always intimidated me.

While I don't think I'm fair game for a What Not to Wear episode, I'm looking forward to learning things and mastering new skills.  I need to understand and refine my personal style, make very budget-friendly changes to my wardrobe, develop a low-fuss make-up routine, add variety to my hair styling options, and learn how to comfortably accessorize (among other things, I'm sure).

 I'm going to chronicle these baby steps for anyone who wants to follow along (especially any fellow fashion misfits).  Where do you fall on the fashion spectrum?  What aspect of beauty and fashion intimidates you most?

Update: Check out the next post in the series:  How I Found My Colors Despite Overthinking Online Fashion Quizzes

Disclosure:  I am not perked by Lisa Leonard Designs for this post in any way.  I just genuinely like her jewelry and her business ethics.


  1. I swear we must somehow be related. I've NEVER been good with fashion/beauty. I'm finally starting to get better about clothes. I'd suggest taking a look at Audrey's blog at She's all about casual/functional/affordable clothes that work well together so you don't have to buy so much stuff!

    As far as makeup goes, I've never had much interest, mainly because I'm allergic to most cosmetics. Most days I only wore eyeliner, plus concealer and mascara if I was going out. Two months ago (please don't think I'm crazy) I went out and got my eyeliner tattooed on--permanent makeup. Now I literally never wear makeup unless it's a special occasion. I love it!

    And my hair, my sad, sad, hair. I know it has potential, but alas, I cannot access it. Plus I get bored with it constantly, so I go through a fairly regular cycle of chop-it-all-off-then-attempt-to-grow-it-out-again that results in its being perpetually at the "awkward" length. I'm really excited to see where this blog series takes you!

    1. Wow... I feel you on most everything you've said here!

      Thank you for the link! I'll check it out. I also picked up Hayley Morgan's No-Brainer Wardrobe that I'm to discuss in a later post. For me, I think, the biggest issue is convincing myself it matters (since I only leave the apartment a few times a week). On the other hand, that ought to make it easier, since a couple killer outfits will get me a long way, right?

      I don't think the permanent make-up thing is crazy! Well... I guess I kind of do, BUT... I can't tell you the number of things I have thought "That's weird" about that I now do on a regular basis. Seriously, that list is so long. I don't even listen to that inner voice telling me how crazy something is anymore. =)