Friday, May 17, 2013

16 Ways to Eat Potatoes (Without Getting Sick of Them)

Cheap and easy cooking means making the best of the basic ingredients that you have.  Here are some ideas for using up a bag of potatoes without getting sick of them.

Note:  Some of these recipes call for a certain kind of potato (new potatoes, Yukon golds, etc.), but I have always been able to substitute classic russet potatoes without any issues.

For breakfast:

1. Breakfast potatoes
2. Hash browns
3. Spanish omelet
4. Breakfast skillet

For a snack:

5. Potato chips
6. Handpies

For a side dish:

7. Baked potatoes
8. Oven Fries
9. Potato Salad
10. Mashed potatoes
11. Scalloped potatoes

For a main dish:

12. Potato-leek soup 
13. Corn Chowder
14. Minestrone soup
15. Shepherd's pie
16. Bangers and mash

What are your favorite potato recipes? 


  1. Generally I won't refuse any potato unless someone desecrates it with bleu cheese, but these Potato Cubes work well for kids:
    And I love this frittata, so much!

    1. "Desecrates it with blue cheese." Haha! Yeah, I know a lot of people are biased against potatoes (they are treated like an empty starch), but I think they are tasty and they are whole foods and they are cheap. Thanks for the recipes!