Monday, May 13, 2013

How I Found My Colors Despite Overthinking Online Fashion Quizzes

This is a part of the Primped to The Teeth series.  See what it is all about here.

It seems to me that there is a certain science to fashion that my INTJ personality could really latch onto.  There are lots of tips out there, for instance, for people of a certain body shape.  If your shape is this, do this and not this.  Sounds like a simple enough formula.

The problem for me, though, is I can't for the life of me figure out what type I am.  Even the descriptions of the different types don't help me; I seem to fit two or more of the descriptions or the language is too vague for me make a definitive decision.  I have this problem when it comes to determining my "colors."  I took a million of those online quizzes and ran into two problems:

Questions like:  "Are the veins inside your wrist more green or blue?"  More green or blue than what?  Mine look kind of purple in places, though there is definitely some green in there, I think.  My other wrist seems to look blue-ish.  I don't know.... my veins look like veins!

Questions like:  "Do you look better in pure white or off white?"  This requires a level of self-knowledge that I do not have.  I don't know what looks better!  That's why I'm taking this quiz!

Finally, I found this blessedly visual guide by The Chic Fashionista.  It gave pictures of celebrities that fit a certain coloring and asked me which one I resembled more.  This still took a bit of interpretation, I think, but it was wonderful to see real-life versions of what these "types" look like.  I look way more like Kate Middleton than Lindsay Lohan.  THAT much I could figure out.

According to this, I am a Cool Summer (which, living in Alabama, seems like an oxymoron).  Here are the colors that are supposed to work best with my skin, hair, and eye combination:

Photo via The Chic Fashionista

Not only is it great to have the color mystery solved, but I was stoked to see some of my favorite colors in here:  dark grey, emerald green, lavender, teal, and dark purple.  Since these are colors I like, I already tend to buy clothes in these colors.

Update:  Check out the next post in the series:  A List of Unfamiliar Products I Have Purchased (AKA: Make-up).

Do you know your colors or season?  How in the heck did you figure it out?


  1. I've been enjoying your blog this afternoon! I love the honesty behind this series - thank you for sharing :). I've often felt like a major poser in the fashion/ beauty area of life - sort of a fake it till you make it approach ;). I don't know my colors, except that dusty pink is not one of them, to my chagrin.

    1. Kari, thank you! I am SO glad I'm not the only poser "fashionista" out there. Sorry to hear the news about dusty pink, but maybe some other color will catch your eye AND make you look fabulous (that's what "colors" are supposed to do, right?). =)