Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mastermind Group Link-Up

I am a member of The Influence Network, which has been awesome.  But now, the awesome factor has been turned up a notch thanks to a new mastermind group I'm a part of.

A mastermind group does not plot to take over the world (at least, this one doesn't... yet).  It's actually just a group of ladies with similar goals that get together to offer feedback, encouragement, and accountability in blogging, business, and faith.  It is entirely online.

Our group is doing a little link-up today, so here are some thoughts I have about the group and blogging in general:

1)  A mastermind group is important to me because I thrive on feedback and constructive criticism.  The group provides a community and a sounding board to help me navigate blogging and business, two things I am pretty new at. 

2)  My goals for this mastermind group are to support each other in specific endeavors and challenges and to collaborate through bartering, link-ups, and other projects.

3)  The goal for my blog in the next 6-12 months is to find my niche (or niches) and develop a plan for an e-book, shop, or business around that niche.

4)  There are a lot of amazing blogs out there, but there are three that I find particularly inspiring:

Young House Love - While I'm really not interested in having a DIY blog, these two have done a phenomenal job just being real (they call themselves DIY dorks).  They seem very receptive to reader feedback and just do a fantastic job building a community around what they love to do.  Their enthusiasm is infectious.  I would love to be best friends with them (as I'm sure all of their readers do).

The Tiny Twig - I like the blog, but I'm actually more inspired by the other things Hayley has going on.  She has used the blog as a platform to write two e-books and start The Influence Network, and just done a really good job at all of it.  She has built a strong brand, and it is no accident.  She seems very strategic and savvy and inspires me because she has made a plan and worked hard to make it happen (as opposed to the idea that blogging is just writing your heart out in hopes that it becomes something someday).  I would love to build a brand like this myself.

Small Notebook - First of all, Rachel doesn't follow a lot of the "rules" about successful blogging (she isn't on Facebook, for instance), but she still has a successful blog.  I love how independent she is, picking and choosing that strategies that work for her while saying no thanks to the ones that don't.  Also, this blog, for me, is the perfect blend of theory and practical application.  Some blogs out there are just WAY too abstract for me to latch onto, but Rachel does a great job saying "this is why" AND "this is how."  Her blog is full of things that make me say "why the heck didn't I think of/write that?" 

Here are the other ladies in the group:


  1. Looking forward to getting to know you, Hope! Thanks for sharing those 3 blogs at the end - it's always good to see new blogs. I'd never heard of Young House Love or Small Notebook and they are so cool!

  2. Happy to have found this group with you and am looking forward to all the feedback we can give to each other!